Board Goals

Board Goal #1 – Maintain Board of Education presence in the Community

  • In collaboration with District 204 administrative staff, the Board will develop a plan of community engagement when needed.

Board Goal #2 – Be an efficient and effective Governing Board

  • Using a brief self-evaluative exit slip with a 4 point ranking, the Board of Education will achieve an average score of 3 or higher at each board meeting.
  • Members of the Board of Education will maintain or work toward Illinois Association of School Boards’ (IASB) “Master School Board Member” distinction through attendance at state conference, participation in IASB workshops, and participation in a yearly self-evaluation.
  • The Board of Education will complete the Board Development plan as outlined by the IASB to achieve School Governance Award Recognition by 2018. 

Board Goal #3: Adopt an Equity Policy

  • The Board of Education will review and be instructed by Board Policy 2:240 and 2:240-E2.
  • The Board of Education will solicit input and guidance from IASB and stakeholders to develop an equity policy.